Weather Update: Road conditions, storm totals & busy forecast ahead

Sunday's system came through like a whirlwind (literally) and left several feet of snow in some locations. The Forecast looking forward continues to be busy.

  • Much improved conditions across the Black Hills Region as our system pushes Eastward this morning, leaving windy and cool conditions in the 30s and 40s
  • Roads are still slushy and icy in parts of the Black Hills this morning, but there are overall improvements region-wide.
  • A few snow squall could develop in the Northern Black Hills this afternoon, so just keep an eye out if you plan on travelling through Lawrence or Crook County today.

  • We still have No-Travel advisories (Red and black on the road map) for portions of 385 and 85 heading South out of Lead and Deadwood
  • Portions of the Central and Southern Black Hills have snow covered roads this morning, (Pink and white on the road map)
  • Take it slow around corners, and be aware that black ice is prevalent this morning. Using a little caution this morning should be sufficient to get to where you’re going today everywhere else
  • I’ve included a few camera shots of road conditions across our area this morning

  • The closer you get to Lawrence County, the more resistance you’ll find in road conditions

  • Very high winds yesterday was the main story for much of the region.
  • Custer recorded an 83 mph wind gusts, a partial collapse of a building on 6th street in downtown area was the result of those high winds. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

  • Although visibility was low in Rapid City at times due to the high winds, most snow gathered on grassy surfaces and few slushy spots on the roads
  • The gusty winds made for difficult progress, particularly in the I-90 corridor between Rapid City and Sundance.

  • Snow accumulations over-achieved in a big way in Lawrence County, hitting the 2 feet mark in several locations.
  • Areas of the foothills had impressive Snow squalls in Spearfish, Sturgis and in Rapid City that held on for most of the day.
  • Although very impressive looking, most of the blowing snow wasn’t sticking as you headed further away from the Black Hills
  • Box Elder had horizontal Ice pellets bombarding people as they tried to go about their business, so folks might have been more inclined to just wet snow…

  • Monday and Tuesday will be relatively calm precipitation wise, save for a few snow showers in the bighorns and Northern Black Hills this afternoon with temperatures in the 40s and 50s through that time period
  • Our next system is expected Tuesday evening, and will bring a mix of rain and snow – which will be very elevation dependent.
  • Unlike Sunday’s system, we aren’t expecting the vast accumulations or impacts – perhaps some slick roads and snow squalls through Wednesday morning at this point, we’ll keep an eye on it though.

  • Moving forward we are going to continue to see windy and breezy conditions all the way through Wednesday.
  • 30-40 mph winds will be possible Tuesday night going into Wednesday, so make sure your trash cans don’t end up down the street.

  • Overall, Fall is really having a hard time keeping its own calendar this week, with Thursday and Friday being the only real bright spots without expected wind or precipitation
  • I am watching a system for this coming weekend that could have travel impacts, temperatures are expected to drop as a cold front moves into the region. we’ll monitor it carefully going forward.

The bold truth is this storm overachieved big time when it came to wind speeds and snow totals across the region, a VERY impressive system! Hopefully we all took it slow and kept up-to-date with the quickly changing forecast. Be sure to send in your picture this morning! We would love to get accurate readings across the area for snow totals and beyond. If you have travel plans this weekend, keep an eye on the forecast. We appreciate you trusting us with your forecast – be safe out there folks. -Brant

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