Weather to teach, weather to learn at Central High School

High schoolers teach first graders about a variety of weather topics

Meteorology students from Central High School presented their knowledge of weather Friday morning to first graders from Wilson Elementary.

About 70 first graders filed into the Central High School Auditorium to hear an explanation from high schoolers on a variety of weather-related topics.

Rachel Rasmussen, the 9-12th grade Earth Sciences teacher at Central High School says the Black Hills is the best place to study weather because of the variety of weather events that occur. Well, except hurricanes.

“The weather truly does change in five minutes,” said Rasmussen. “We actually have the record to prove that. Spearfish has the record for quickest change.”

The three classes set up multiple booths explaining different topics like types of clouds, hurricanes, lightning, the water cycle, blizzards, and more. Each station was interactive and allowed kids to ask questions as they arose.

“The weather affects us every day and young students especially are very curious about weather,” said Rasmussen. “They wonder about it and ask questions and this gives them a little more knowledge. Plus, it’s beneficial to both groups of students. My students have to figure out what they don’t know so they can explain it at a first grade level.”

The event wrapped up at 10:30 a.m. Friday.

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