Weather system worth watching going into next week

An April storm system looks likely to cross the central and Northern Plains next week, and it is worth keeping an eye on

  • Long range models hint at a strong low pressure system that will develop on the lee side of the Rocky Mountains
  • Confidence is growing that the Black Hills region could at least see a portion of this developing system, particularly for areas to the South
  • The system is worth watching because windy conditions and precipitation, some in the form of snow, looks at least possible at this point
  • The track of this system could shift dramatically, as the energy associated with this system is still over the Pacific
  • Forecast Guidance Models should come to a better agreement as we approach Monday, and will issue more specific forecasts once that takes place.

“I don’t usually post about systems this far out, but seeing as ranchers are dealing with calving season and our attention span seems to wander during warmer weather it seems appropriate.

Forecast Guidance and models are having a really hard time agreeing on what exactly this will look like once it hits land coming off the Pacific Ocean.

If some of the scenarios suggested do come to fruition however, this is absolutely worth watching. I will update as forecast guidance begins to better cooperate and we have a better idea of what this looks like”

– Meteorologist Brant Beckman



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