Weather Report: How much rain have you received?

Some areas of the Black Hills have received over an inch of rain, while some portions of the region are hoping for a little more

Picture 1

  • Beneficial rainfall has been moving through the Black Hills over the last 48 hours, with some areas seeing 1″-2″ of water
  • Rain is expected to continue through Monday evening, before finally tapering off sometime Tuesday morning/afternoon
  • The National Weather Service is compiling reports, submit a picture of your rain gauge  in the section below and your location!
  • This will better help meteorologists understand not only which area received the most benefit, but those who have missed out and still need much more.

Picture 2

  • The drought monitor shows that most of the Black Hills are under some sort of drought parameter.
  • Ziebach and Haakon County need the most help, and hopefully will see some tonight.

Be sure to submit your report to the gallery below!


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