WAVI looks for local “elves” to lend a helping hand for Christmas

RAPID CITY, S.D. — If you’ve ever dreamed of being a Christmas elf, WAVI, or Working Against Violence, Inc., has the perfect opportunity. They’re looking for local individuals, families, or groups to adopt a family for the season.

Executive Director of WAVI Linda Shroll says that the holidays can be extra hard on those who already struggle to provide for themselves and their families, especially in the wake of a crisis.

WAVI looks for families to help locals“When you’re a survivor of violence of someone that’s supposed to love you or take care of you or be in your family, that’s really tough, and it’s really tough at the holidays,” Shroll says.

However, there are plenty of parents and families who have the means to help others, and Shroll also mentions that adopting a family is a great way for some folks to still be able to go Christmas shopping for kids, long after their kids have moved away from home. 


She also says adopting a family can be a bonding activity for kids, their siblings, and their parents. WAVI’s goal is to supply 50 families with Christmas gifts this year.

“Our family always takes our kids and has them pick a family out that they shop for, because then it just kind of helps teach them about sharing, and they just love that they know that they’re making a difference,” Shroll adds. 

The last day to sign up to become a donor is December 10, and all wrapped gifts must be delivered to WAVI by December 15 at 4 p.m.

You can find more information and be paired with a family by clicking here.

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