WAVI holds “sweet” appreciation event for first responders

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Tuesday, Working Against Violence Incorporated (WAVI) continued a sweet tradition with local law enforcement.

The WAVI staff brought homemade treats to the Rapid City Public Safety Building as a thank you to first responders and the judicial system for their help to combat domestic violence.

WAVI extends its gratitude every year during “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, showing appreciation to law enforcement for all they do to keep their clients safe.

First Responders Day

“It is an ongoing relationship and you know that relationship is developed over the years as best practices change and training changes,” said Kristina Simmons, the Development Director of WAVI. “It’s a continual development of that relationship and just ensuring that our clients come first and we can’t do it without them.”

This event also offers a valuable opportunity for members of law enforcement to introduce themselves to the WAVI staff when they otherwise might not cross paths.

“Unless they’re part of our care team or DV Task Force, they probably don’t get to meet a lot of the WAVI crew,” said Sergeant Ryan Cook of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. “So, it’s nice for them to have an opportunity to come in and not only thank them for their time, as you can see most of these goodies are homemade, but also just introduce themselves and give them a chance to ask some questions and things of that nature.”

With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, WAVI encourages everyone to wear purple every Friday and for to share their purple through tagged photos on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

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