Water Rescue Team holds safe salvage operations training

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. — The Rapid City Pennington County Water Rescue Team holding training this week near Hot Springs – completing safe salvage operations.

A dive rescue international instructor is conducting this three day class for the divers.

The focus of the program – conducting salvage operations, which apply to under water crime scenes and investigations.

Rcfd Water Exercise 1

An important reminder from members of the team, telling the public that as they swim, they need to notify emergency personnel and not take it upon themselves if they come upon an emergency situation.

“Make sure you’re swimming with a buddy, make sure that you advise folks where you’re gonna go. Never swim alone, you know, if somebody does encounter an issue in the water, a lot of times would be rescuers end up as other victims, so if you see somebody struggling, make sure you notify for help. Get professionals coming out there,” said Captain Calen Maningas, Rapid City Fire Dept.

Maningas says that the training opportunity also gave divers a great opportunity to practice in a controlled environment.

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