Watching this weekend: Mother nature collecting taxes on warm weather

Unsettled weather returns this week, with a larger possible system on the horizon this weekend

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  • Overall dry conditions are expected today, with sunshine expected to return for areas of West River – a little more on the cloudy side for northeastern Wyoming.

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  • Could see a few 50s out there, but widespread 40s are more likely and even a few high 30s towards Dupree.

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  • Tonight, a small system is expected to start in Northeastern Wyoming and make its way to towards South Dakota through Tuesday morning.
  • Most action should hold off for the hills until after midnight.

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  • Tuesday morning will see drying conditions from West to East, with a few snow bands moving through South Dakota.
  • Could have some light accumulations for the morning commute.

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  • Overall, not looking at large impacts – but could have a few slick roads Tuesday morning, just give yourself some extra time.
  • This will especially be true along the I-90 corridor from Sundance through Rapid City.

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  • Wednesday will be our warmest day of the week, possibly topping 60° before another small system pushes through Wednesday night going into Thursday.

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  • Per usual, there’s still many question about this weekend, but we’re keeping our eye on it.
  • We’re not looking at brutally cold temperatures, but moisture at the very least looks likely… and it could stretch going into next week.

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So when there’s warm air pushing into Alaska, that’s usually a good sign of unsettled weather for our region. Well, this Saturday shows a very aggressive ridge pushing into Alaska and my gut tells me we’ll be feeling those impacts in the Northern Plains. We will have a bull in the ring next week – a big one… but it could still charge off in a different direction and miss us. So far though, there are signs that our neck of the woods could see impacts.

We’ll keep an eye on it. NO reason to cancel any plans just yet. We’ll let you know 🙂 . Have a great Monday! – Brant

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