UPDATE: Loyalty Morrison situation resolved, remains person of interest

UPDATE: (10:05 p.m.) – The situation has been resolved.

The Rapid City Police Department searched a residence near Crescent Drive, but was not able to locate Loyalty Morrison. The search will continue. The RCPD will continue to safely get in contact with Morrison.

Captain James Johns, the Commander of the RCPD Patrol Division is asking to arrange a safe meeting with Morrison. He along with the RCPD is asking for the situation to be resolved in the safest way possible.

Johns also had something to say for the community and residence members during the situation.

“I’ve got to commend them,” Johns said. “When your neighborhood is shut down and you’re prevented from accessing your residence or leaving your residence because of traffic, we had most of Crescent Drive completely blocked off tonight. So, there was nobody coming through there. Without the patience of the community, it’s difficult to do things safely. The community is just as much of a part of this as the police department, the sheriff’s office is. I just want to say thank you for everybody that was patient with us and worked this through.”

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City/Pennington County Special Response team is on scene of a Crescent Drive residence after learning that Loyalty Morrison is inside.

The RCPD is searching for information from Morrison involving a shooting that occurred on Friday, July 31.


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