Watch: South Dakota Highway Patrol escorts convoy of Farm Aid trucks traveling to Nebraska

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota Highway Patrol helped escort a convoy of Farm Aid trucks and other support vehicles from North Dakota on their way through the state to Nebraska.

The vehicles were carrying hay and other supplies to help ranch and farm flood victims in Nebraska.

The above video shows Trooper Jensen escorting the convoy near Aberdeen.

On March 22, Gov. Noem waived carrier permit fees for vehicles transporting flood relief loads to sites in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

“Many people not just in South Dakota, but in neighboring states are suffering from this flood,” Gov. Noem said. “This waiver is intended to make it easier for carriers to get relief items to those areas.”

The executive order states that the type of permits still needed are: trip permits, fuel permits and overwidth or non-divisible load overweight permits. But fees for those permits will not be assessed.


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