WATCH: Bison on the loose in Nebraska

Authorities are still working to gather up some 150 buffalo that escaped from a feedlot last Wednesday.

PHELPS COUNTY, Neb. — Efforts to round up some 150 bison that got loose continue in Nebraska.

The bison belong to a feedlot they escaped from last Wednesday.

The feedlot has hired a company that specialized in rounding up buffalo to try and return them safely, but the animals have split up into groups and have spread out all over the county.

Residents in the area are concerned that others don’t respect the buffalo and could get hurt trying to round them up.

Sheriff’s department officials have warned people not to take matters into their own hands or form search parties to look for the buffalo.

After a report that a resident shot and killed one of the buffalo surfaced, the sheriff reminded residents that shooting livestock is a felony.


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