Warming up, then cooling off.

The rollercoaster ride of temperatures continue for the Black Hills area.

**THIS DAY IN WEATHER HISTORY: On September 2nd, 1996, Dime sized hail was reported just to the west of Martin with little to no damage to Crops or Property.**

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Well folks, we’ve made it halfway through the week, and if you feel like the weather has been one big rollercoaster in terms of temperatures, well: You’re correct. After seeing a cool start to the week on Sunday (We actually had a High of 81, but it was reached at 8:43 AM), and Monday, we only reached 71 here in Rapid City (After a morning start of 37, which broke the old Record Low of 41 set back in 1993). We are heading back into the upper 80’s – Low 90s today,

As we head into the next several days, the temps go all over the place. We will see a couple of fronts push through through tomorrow. We will feel the effects of the 1st one tomorrow with highs back in the upper 70’s – Low 80’s. Then, we warm up Friday as we go back into the mid 80’s

THIS TAKES US TO LABOR DAY WEEKEND: If I could take this upcoming 3 day weekend and make it into a song playlist, it would be as follows:

SATURDAY: “Hot, Hot, Hot!” Ahead of a cold front, we will see temps go back into the Mid-90s with abundant sunshine.

SUNDAY: “Walking on Sunshine” For me, Sunday is the pick of the weekend. We will cool down on a little bit with overall Sunny skies. Highs will be in the 80s. Not too shabby if you ask me. Then the big drop!

MONDAY: “When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip!” We’ll drop again with highs in some places, struggling to hit 70 degrees, and that cooling trend will continue Tuesday with some places struggling to hit 60! We will be keeping a close eye on next week as it inches closer on the 7 Day.

When you look at this, you’ll notice something especially on the the temperature graphic: We are practically pegged in the Dark Blue as well below normal temperatures.

042 Ed Temp Outlook 6 10 Day

And yet, we still remain below normal for precipitation

042 Ed Precip Outlook 6 10 Day

THE BOTTOM LINE: Fall is knocking on our door!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

-Erik Dean
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