Warmer temperatures bring people outside to take in nature

Warmer temperatures helped bring people outside to safely enjoy the weather in the Black Hills.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Many locals found their way out to Canyon Lake on Wednesday morning, enjoying a long-awaited sunny day.

“Just being outside, you know, fly-fishing takes you to some cool places, you know, or you could just run down to the creek in town real fast too so, it’s catching on, more people are starting to do it,” said Bryant Reinert of Rapid City. “There’s more fish to be caught.”

Those who were outside on the beautiful day made it full of family time.

Warmer Temperatures 4

“It really is just beautiful out, it’s a good time to be out here and on the water,” Bryant said. “Ya, if it’s nice, you gotta take off work and get outside and just be out because we could have a blizzard next week.” 

Bryant said that if he wasn’t out fly-fishing, he would have been out scouting deer or looking for antlers. He also says that flyer fisherman should head to Dakota Anglers for the best information and guidance for the sport.

For others, it was about getting outside to take advantage of the weather, especially during winter in South Dakota.

“We are out enjoying the day,” said Ellen McGuigan, of Rapid City. “Most of us have felt quarantined all winter and this is a chance just to get out enjoy the day; enjoy the weather. I mean, it’s just someplace to go walk. We haven’t walked here for a little while.” 

Joggers, hikers, and many dog walkers were outside as well.

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