Warm week punctuated by hints of winter

A -mostly- warm and dry pattern has been holding over the northern plains, with this week featuring a few system trying to break up that pattern

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With all the excitement of the groundhog announcing 6 more weeks of winter last week, the Black Hills have been defiant to those predictions with temperatures in the 40s and 50s across the area.

Although this week we do see a few jolts of winter, the overall theme of warmer and drier conditions will continue as we push through our second week of February.

After Monday’s clipper system passes, we get a brief reprieve on Tuesday before another fast moving system blows through Wednesday into Thursday morning.

Another warm and relatively dry weekend is expected to end the week – with a possible system to end the weekend.

Long range suggests a shift in pattern looks likely as we move past valentines day… but so far so good to start the month off.

As a note… we will gain approximately 90 minutes of daylight in the month of February 🙂


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