Wall Volunteer Fire Dept. fundraiser celebrates helping hands with pancake breakfast

Residents in Wall show their support for the city's Volunteer Fire Department.

WALL, S.D. – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for the Wall Volunteer Fire Department Sunday morning, an important fundraiser.

Chief Jim Kitterman Serving Food To Residents In AttendanceFirefighters and city officials were out serving breakfast and interacting with the community. Pancakes, sausages and drinks were dished out to visitors and enjoyed by all.

Even “The Dude” sat down for a meal. A dog named Dude, but either way all for a great cause.

The pancake feeds are among some of the bigger fundraisers for the fire department. All money raised from the event goes towards essential supplies like gloves, diesel fuel and any miscellaneous supplies they need to restock.

According to Fire Chief Jim Kitterman, the department receives funding from sources such as the City of Wall and different townships. However, by hosting events like pancake feeds, they are able to get in touch with the community and take stock of materials to see what they need.

“Donations just help. Plus it gets all of our members together just to talk and visit, and get the local people in the town, see what we have for equipment, see what our trucks look like,” Kitterman said. “Together, if they have any questions, we can answer their questions. Just all different sorts of things.”

In terms of larger and more threatening fires, he estimates the department goes through around 400-500 gallons of diesel and gas combined.

However, every bit helps and events like these allow for more community involvement and support.

“I’d just like to thank everybody for coming out today,” Kitterman said. “Thank everybody, all the members for helping. We had a great turnout.”

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