Wall School District joins the Beef To School Program

WALL, S.D. – The Beef to School initiative has officially hit South Dakota. Wall School District is the first school in South Dakota to provide students meals with fresh beef. 

The beef is raised by local ranchers and is also processed locally. The idea came about when Josh Geigle, a rancher, and chairman of the Wall Economic Development Ag. Committee made the suggestion about a year ago.

The pilot kicked off on Friday and will continue throughout the semester. Throughout the pilot period, the meat will be donated by the ranchers. Once the pilot period is over, the school will buy from those same ranchers. Therefore helping the local economy.

“The major thing about local food is that it helps support your local economy. That money goes right back to the community and gets spent several times,” said Geigle.

Not only does it open discussion about local businesses but it also brings up the subject of health. The students learn about how important it is to eat fresh food that comes from natural sources.

The meat goes through several processes to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Wall Meat Processing follows sanitation procedures to protect consumers from common bacteria found on meat.

Ken Charfauros, an employee at Wall Meat Processing, goes into further detail.

“We take samples of the meat and send it to the lab for testing. Then they decide if it is a good test or not, and we process it further from there,” said Charfauros.

Wall School District takes pride in providing nutritious meals to their students. They make sure that everything that they serve is fresh, clean and meets physician suggested nutritional standards.

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) group at the school promoted the event. The FFA plans on visiting each classroom in the building to educate students on the benefits of going local and fresh.

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