Walk for Freedom: The fight against human trafficking

RAPID CITY, S.D. -Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry worldwide. It generates over $150 billion annually, leaving millions of children and adults trapped in the cycle.

On Saturday Rapid City joined the walk to bring awareness and put a stop to what is often called modern-day slavery. A21 is an organization dedicated to abolishing human trafficking, and they hosted the walk at Main Street Square.

Human trafficking ranges from sex trafficking to several other forced or non-consensual forms of labor and abuse.

“Sex trafficking takes place in our town, in our state, and our community. It’s important for people to know, so they know what to look for,” said survivor Gina Dvorak. 

People can be randomly recruited via false job advertisements or abduction, but there are also people that are trafficked by family, close friends, or a significant other.

“My father was my trafficker and my mom actually took us and ran away when I was seven, so my trafficking started at a very young age,” said Dvorak. “I’m one of the lucky ones, really one of the fortunate ones who managed to get out. I think that my dad was really trying to prepare me for a lifetime of being trafficked.”

 All around the world people are walking to bring awareness to human trafficking.

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