Volunteer to help Black Hills Playhouse get ready for the season

Help out May 14 from 9am to 4pm

Black Hills Playhouse Siding Project All AmericanCUSTER, S.D. – The Black Hills Playhouse will be hosting their Campus Clean-up Day on Saturday, May 14 from 9am to 4 pm.

You can help The Black Hills Playhouse get ready for their summer season by chipping in to help clean up from last summer’s renovation project. Regardless of your interest or ability, there is a ton of activities planned including sweeping, dusting, painting, raking, scrubbing, mopping and more.

Last year, the Playhouse had 27 volunteers and is hoping to have over 35 volunteers this year. A potluck lunch will start at noon. Coffee and bottled water will be provided.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up to volunteer and for the potluck by visiting www.blackhillsplayhouse.com/volunteer-opportunities.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring whatever tools they might need to make the job easier. The Playhouse also accepts donations. Tools to consider donating include shovels, cleaning supplies, rakes, gloves, chainsaws, pruners, paint brushes and rollers.

Once you sign up to volunteer, you will be contacted with more specific assignments. If you need more information, please email Randy Niles at randy@blackhillsplayhouse.com.

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