Vitalant urges people to double-check perceived blood donation disqualifications

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The need for blood continues in the Black Hills and Vitalant is asking people to sign up and give.

Tori Robbins with Vitalant says the nationwide need has dropped from critical to urgent but the needs for donations remain the same.

The national supply currently has enough for three days but the goal is to have four or five days on hand.

All blood types are needed, especially O+ and O-. Also, people who have not been able to donate previously due to medications or travel, may be able to give now. But Robbins says always check first.

“If you are taking one of those medications that’s on the list, I strongly suggest that you call our center and get a follow-up on that just to make sure because so many medications can be taken for different things but it’ll give you an initial look at what the medication defer list is and then, you can look further into that.”

Common blood thinners, acne treatments, and other medications fall on the list that could limit your ability to give blood from a matter of days to a matter of years. 

Several blood drives will be held throughout the Rapid City area through the fall. Appointments at Vitalant’s Rapid City office on Omaha Street are preferred but walk-ins are welcome.

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