Vitalant seeking blood donations in honor of mothers

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RAPID CITY, SD–  Healthcare workers at Monument Health are bleeding for the need Friday. Vitalant is supporting women who have experienced pregnancy-related complications during the month of May with their “Donate for Mothers” campaign. Friday, the staff at Monument Health Rapid City Hospital rolled up their sleeves. The blood supplies that Vitalant keeps are crucial for patients in need of transfusions. They are especially important for emergencies during pregnancy.

Blood drives like the one Friday help Vitalant maintain a baseline of a two-day supply of blood.

Vitalant Assistant Donor Care Supervisor Ken Jeakins says, “As you know, whenever we have a major event happen, everybody floods into their local blood banks and says, hey, I heard what happened. Can I help? Those really helped build up back up our base supply since it takes a couple of days to process blood.”

Also for a limited time to help COVID-19 patients with weakened immune systems, Vitalant is testing all donations for antibodies to produce plasma.

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