Vitalant resumes COVID-19 antibody testing for donors

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Vitalant has restarted testing for COVID-19 antibodies effective Monday, March 21. The testing comes after changes made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in late 2021.

Tori Robbins, the communications manager for Vitalant, says, “So those donors who donate and they are identified as having high levels of those antibodies in their system, their plasma can be used to produce convalescent plasma, which goes to those immunocompromised people who are in the hospital having COVID.”

Vitalant sign

For a limited time, all donors who give through Vitalant will have their blood tested for the antibodies. Donors will be notified of their antibody results within two weeks.

“If you have any questions about your ability to donate blood, we highly encourage you to call 877-25-VITAL. So many things have changed throughout the pandemic, and people often think they can’t donate blood when they really can,” Robbins adds.

Anyone wanting to schedule a donation can do so by calling 877-25-VITAL, or by clicking here.

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