Vistitors flock to Mount Rushmore on President’s Day

MOUNT RUSHMORE, S.D. — In spirit of celebrating the holiday for our presidents, and observe a piece of history, citizens from all around the U.S. Made their way to Mount Rushmore on Monday.

It was the first time for most of the visitors, who found a deeper meaning visiting the monument on President’s Day.

Mt Rushmore Presidents Day 4

“It’s President’s Day, but I was like it kinda gives us a significance as to why we’re were,” said Lawrence Juwana of New York. “Why our country was found.”

“Ya, we wouldn’t be here without em,” said Chase Riley of Indiana.

“Exactly,” Lawrence reiterated.

The monument holds four of the most known presidents, something that teaches their importance of American history, one that will go on for generations.

“It’s an interesting part of history and so it’s just been one of the those spots that you know, you want to see before, and bring the kids to, let em’ understand how our country was founded,” said members of the Dougherty Family, who are visiting from North Dakota and Florida.

“It’s symbolic, I mean it represents freedom, the way of life,” said Joseph Ageitos of Houston, Texas. “My son, I have two boys, I have my oldest Jaden, he’s nine-years-old, his favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. He says it’s because he’s the tallest president but I just wanted point that, you know, even the little ones tend to gravitate towards history.”

Celebrating all our presidents, starting with those who helped form the United States.

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