Vision Fund: approval for renovations and new projects throughout Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Vision fund was created by the community for the community. On Thursday, the Citizen’s Vision Committee presented its funding recommendations that span from 2019 to 2020. 

At the meeting, they reviewed 15 projects presented by organizations throughout Rapid City. Suggestions were also made in reference to making changes to Dinosaur Park and the CSAC building.

George Graspy, the committee president spoke highly of each of the agencies involved.

“We recommend full or partial funding for about 70 percent of the applicants which is significant. Our total recommendations conservatively total $16,571,500″ said Graspy. 

Organizations made monetary requests and the Vision Committee either accepts or suggests a lower figure. The committee then presents their recommendations to the City Council. The council then votes on whether to approve, deny or lower the fund.

Although there were multiple funding requests, the most debated of the night was Rapid City Collective Impact’s (RCCI) One Heart campus. RCCI asked for $5 million for property acquisition and renovation. The Vision Committee recommended $4 million.

One Heart will be a safe place for people living in poverty. While enrolled in the program residents will be provided with a room and a multitude of resources to help them overcome poverty. The topic was debated for quite some time and after two different funding recommendations, it failed due to a split council.

At the end of the night, there was $3.9 million left in the budget, which the council decided to allocate to OneHeart.

Listed below are the funds that were approved along with the organizations that are receiving those funds.

  • Abbot House -$190,000 – paid in 3 years with $63,000 yearly funding.
  • Youth and Family Services – $1,950,000 paid in 3 years with varying yearly payments.
  • Rapid City Club For Boys – $810,000 paid in 2 years with $405,000 yearly funding.
  • YMCA – $1,100,000 paid in 3 years with $366,667 yearly funding.
  • Destination Rapid City – $3,990,000 paid in 3 years with $1,330,000 yearly funding.
  • Black Hills Works – $450,00 paid in 2 years with $225,00 yearly funding.
  • Main Street Square – $187,500 one year  paid in full
  • Black Hills Sports, Inc. – $2.3 million
  • ELEVATE Rapid City- $2 million paid in 2 years.
  • Canyon Lake Center- $50,000 one year paid in full.
  • Rapid City BMX -$78,000 one year paid in full.
  • Rapid City Softball Association- 386,000 one year paid in full.

These organizations will use the funds to renovate buildings, improve lighting in downtown Rapid City, and improve the quality of life for people of all circumstances. The funds will be used to add to the overall aesthetic and well-being of Rapid City and its residents.

The city also requested $1.6 million to make Dinosaur Park accessible to people with varied abilities. As of now, the park does not have a wheelchair ramp and the park is not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved.

The council also voted for a Military Park which will have a B-1 plane and other novelty military items.

Depending on circumstances, some of these items may come up at the next City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 4.

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