Vision Fund applicants begin proposal process before Citizens Committee

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Vision Fund applicants are beginning the next step of the program’s process.

Council Board RoomThis year, the committee will distribute just over $24 million to applicants that are selected at the end of the process.

Of the original 28 applications, the pile has been whittled down to 23. These applicants will pitch their proposals to the Citizen Committee, made up of nine residents volunteering their time to help prioritize the plans.

“This is a credit to our community that we can get people to sit on a volunteer committee and put in this type of time and go through this type of struggle,” Mayor of Rapid City Steve Allender said. “Weeding projects and prioritizing and comparing to community values and long-term plans.”

The Citizens Committee has been very active in their decision-making, having been in talks with the mayor throughout the process and making sure they understand the program in its entirety.

Before the proposals even began, the group was out visiting and checking out information on the proposals to better understand how the projects can add to the community.

“When you read the proposals, some of them don’t sound that interesting or you don’t see the need for the facility,” Citizen Committee Chairman Kevin Maher explained. “But when you go to the sight and visit it, eyes open up when you go and see the condition of some of our facilities in town.”

Once proposals are complete, the citizens committee will pass on their recommendations to city council.


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