Village on Monroe is in final stages of construction: homes under contract

RAPID CITY, S.D. – After 2 years of hard work, The Village on Monroe is officially coming full circle. The village consists of 5 affordable housing units unlike any in Rapid City. The housing complex is located on the corner of Dilger Avenue and Monroe Street.

The modern style and red, orange, and grey exterior make it nearly impossible to miss. Three units are still on the market and two are already under contract. One of the buyers is expected to move in by the end of the month.

The larger units sell for a little under $150,000 and smaller units go for around $120,000. The contractors cut costs by using steel framing and roofing and by building up instead of out to save on the cost of land. As for the interior they used quality yet less expensive materials.

“In our one-bedroom units, we have a vinyl plank flooring throughout those homes so that way it’s a little better quality than the usual laminate floors or the old vinyl flooring. It makes it feel a lot warmer, makes it feel a lot more like home,” said Mike Walker, the executive director.

An added incentive is the Homeowner’s Association which will help with basic housekeeping tasks.

“So that way it will take care of all your exterior maintenance, your snow removal, landscaping, so you’re not having to worry about coming home and doing any work. It gives you the opportunity to actually go out and play on the weekends instead.”

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