Vietnam-era POW debriefing: one man’s experience

BOX ELDER, S.D. – The South Dakota Air and Space Museum hosted a lecture from someone who endured some of the toughest training the U.S. Military can throw at anyone.

Capt. Huff address about 70 people Saturday morning.

Retired U.S. Navy Captain James A. Huff recounted his time training to debrief prisoners-of-war who returned home from Vietnam in 1973.

Through the training, he and his comrades had to endure interrogation and torture techniques themselves – to prepare themselves to hear the stories of the returning POWs.

The lecture was an insight to the struggles that military men endured during conflicts like the Vietnam War. Huff hopes to take his stories into schools to give younger generations a first-and look at what men like him endured.

“I’d like to see this type of presentation presented in school and history classes to give history a face, Huff said. “Not just a few lines in a history book.”

Huff recounted that the training that he and others endured was so thorough, that returning POWs reported that what they experienced in Vietnam was almost identical.

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