VIDEO: Florida Lyft driver attacked

Video shows the moment a Lyft driver was attacked by a passenger in Flager County, Florida.

FLAGLER COUNTY, F.L. —  A Florida man is charged with battery and child abuse after he attacked his Lyft driver.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s department released this video which shows 36-year-old Travis Smith attacking the driver.

Smith was in the car with another man and a seven-year-old boy.

Smith was apparently annoyed by a plastic partition in the car before he ripped it down and attacked the driver.

The driver managed lost control of the vehicle but managed to stop and exit the vehicle.

Smith continued his attack, and spit in the driver’s face.

Police say smith was drunk at the time of the encounter.

According to a sheriff’s press release, in addition to the battery charge, officers charged him with child abuse because Smith put the boy in danger.

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