VIDEO: Alaska hoverboard dentist sentenced for medicaid fraud, other crimes

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A dentist, seen riding a hoverboard while extracting a patient’s tooth, is sentenced to 12 years behind bars, for medicaid fraud and other crimes.

This video shows Alaskan dentist Dr. Seth Lookhart, on a hoverboard while removing the tooth in 2016, a stunt the patient was completely unaware of until investigators contacted her.

It came before a wider probe of his Anchorage practice.

Evidence at his trial showed patients were left unattended while sedated, with some experiencing dangerous complications, and nearly dying.

Lookhart was convicted of more than 40 counts in January including “Unlawful dental acts,” reckless endangerment and medicaid fraud.

The judge sentenced him to 20 years this week, suspending eight of them.

Lookhart apologized in court, saying, in part, “.. I.. Should have maintained better discipline and focus while serving a patient base I came to love.”

His lawyer will ask if Lookhart can serve his sentence from home with an ankle monitor to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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