Valentine’s Day marks four year anniversary of Delphi murders, young girls deaths still unsolved

DELPHI, Ind. — It’s been four years since the murders of two young Indiana girls and the investigation into their deaths still remains. Abby Williams and Libby German were on a hike in the woods along a popular trail when they disappeared. Their bodies were found the next day on Valentine’s Day.

“You deal with it as it comes to you, the pain and all of that is still there,” said Mike Patty, Libby German’s grandfather.

A lot of that pain felt even more acutely this year because both girls would have been seniors in high school.

“She should be graduating from high school. You see on social media the kids going to prom, the various things that kids do. They get their license and they post pictures of it. Well we didn’t get to enjoy that and Libby didn’t get to partake and have that,” Patty said.


“It’s still as tough as their first day of school. It doesn’t get any easier. I’m just trying to recognize it’s not just us. Everybody is feeling what we’re feeling as a group,” said Anna Williams, Abby’s mother.


The teens’ families weren’t the only ones left reeling after their murders. The small community of Delphi was rocked, too, with families there left wondering if their own children were safe.

It’s a question that remains with the case still unsolved.

“The fact remains there’s a killer walking loose and he knows where Delphi is. We know that. He struck here once and so far he’s gotten away with it. I hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again to any family anywhere,” Patty said.

“I feel very strong that there’s a very good chance that it was somebody from this area that knew this area at one time, because it just seems a little strange to be otherwise,” Williams said.

There the sketch of the person police believe is responsible, and a video Libby took of the killer on her cell phone as he walked towards her and Abby on the Monon High Bridge.


Listen to his voice: “Guys, down the hill.”

“The reason I think that she was taking that, at least at that time, I’m sure she didn’t understand what was about to happen when she took that video, but she probably was going to come home and show me and say, ‘hey, look at this guy, he’s out there and it kind of creeped me out’,” Patty added.

That never happened though. Instead, the video and audio has helped generate some of the fifty-thousand tips that have come in about the case, which two investigators continue to work on every day.

“We know how many hours they’ve put in and logged and it is overwhelming to think about how many 100’s of people have put in 100’s of hours over the last four years and we’re very grateful,” Williams said.

New technology is also giving a new look at the crime with an augmented reality 3D video of the encounter on the bridge. Libby’s older sister, Kelsi German, worked with Crime Door App to create it.

“I hope it give somebody that perspective to say, ‘I really do need to turn in that tip and that it could be helpful,’” said Kelsi.

Until that happens, the families of both girls continue to wake up, saying as they have from the beginning, “Today is the day” they get justice.

“Somebody out there knows something,” Patty said.

“We still have hope. We’re not done yet,” Williams added.

“We have to be their voices and continue to fight for them,” German said.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to send tips to this email address:

Information sent by email is kept confidential and is only shared with investigators. The telephone Tip Line is (844) 459-5786. Tips are also accepted by the Indiana State Police at (800) 382-7537, or by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department at (765) 564-2413.

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