Vaccination mandate for Monument Health staff highly likely



Monument ErRAPID CITY, S.D. — A COVID vaccination mandate for staff at Monument Health is highly likely, according to Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Shankar Kurra.

While other health systems, such as Sanford Health, have required employee vaccinations, Monument has not, but they were strongly encouraged.

Now that COVID admissions at the Rapid City hospital have doubled, Dr. Kurra says the time has come.

“The short answer is yes, and we’re going to get there. I know it’s coming for our employees,” said Dr. Kurra. “We do that for the flu right now, so it’s not anything new. We were just making sure that this is safe in terms of authorizations and emergencies only at this time. We feel we will get full approval from the FDA. They’re signaling, so we feel we will take the same route.”

Dr. Kurra says more than 99% of current COVID patients at the Rapid City hospital are unvaccinated.

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