Utility services protection plan letters are “not a scam,” Rapid City officials say

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City homeowners will be receiving a city-endorsed letter for utility line service protection plans, and they are the real deal.

Oipr2kyjcdsAs part of a membership with the National League of Cities, residents are able to sign up for the optional coverage through Service Line Warranties of America.

You can obtain coverage for up to $8,500 per service call for water, sewer and septic line repairs.

So far, nearly 1,400 homeowners have enrolled in the protection plans, totaling about $450,000 in repair savings.

“People don’t realize that they, the homeowner, are responsible for repairs to their utility service lines from the home to the main,” Rapid City Communications Coordinator Darrell Shoemaker said. “But for a small investment per month, they can get this coverage for, again, their utility service lines.”

Coverage begins 30-days after a homeowner accepts the initial request for the protection plan.

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