Urban Patrol exercise sharpens skills for Army Reserve personnel

There's two parts, part one is a Reconnaissance mission which focuses on scoping out a village.

BLACK HILLS, S.D. — The Golden Coyote Exercise continues to keep servicemen and women on their toes.

On Thursday, Medical and Non-Infantry Army Reserve personnel were put through an Urban Patrol Exercise.

There’s two parts, part one is a Reconnaissance mission which focuses on scoping out a village in the Black Hills.

After a briefing, they head out, navigating the Black Hills wilderness, with simulated 50 caliber machine gun sounds and explosives going off.

“Being a Medevac company, we don’t always get to do exercises,” said 1st Lt. Michael McClure. “We get to get out and make contact with the enemy, so that’s always good soldier skills to keep up with.”

It’s expected that the exercise will include challenges, or things that are meant to make them use critical thinking and skills they’ve learned it basic training.

Golden Coyote 1

This particular exercise included a run in with villagers, who advised them to stay clear of going straight up the ridge.

After the mission, the soldiers go through a briefing of where they could improve.

One of the biggest lessons learned from this exercise was always have a backup plan.

“Something going down, something breaking and so what’s gonna happen? You’re having the backup plan, the fall back, sometimes this comes down, just work a little pencil and paper,” said SFC Marcus Hayes.

The second mission includes a retrieval of an item from the village.

During this exercise, the soldiers use their basic training skills and learn to lean on each other to get through and work together.

“Staying alert during certain exercises, and I think the main thing about being in the field in this mission during, and is just mainly teamwork, teamwork, teamwork,” said PFC Louis Salazar.

The Golden Coyote Exercise continues through June 25.

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