10:30 AM UPDATE: Forecast Snow totals increase, thunder snow greets Rapid City

Our storm is well under way and the forecast has been updated to reflect the latest model guidance

10:30 AM Update –

  • Rapid City is starting to see heavier snow/sleet bands set up, and conditions look to deteriorate quickly over the next couple hours.
  • Temperatures continue to drop as more energy pools into the Black Hills Region. Snow amounts up to 12″ and higher are being recorded in areas of Butte, Meade and Ziebach Counties.
  • Icy roads are becoming a big concern as slick roads are making travel hazardous, even in regions where large amounts of snowfall are absent.
  • The previously slushy roads are freezing, leading to problems in Downtown Rapid City and surrounding areas.
  • No-Travel Advisories stretch North of Bell Fourche and Sturgis through Butte and Harding County, stretching towards Perkins and Ziebach counties.
  • If you haven’t seen snow yet and are expecting to, wait for it. Much like the last blizzard back in March, its taking a little bit to get going, but this is a no doubter and will be causing issues out on the roadways. Stay hunkered down, particularly if you are under a no-travel advisory.




  • At around 1:30 this morning, thunder and lightning rocked the hills as our Spring storm rapidly intensified.
  • Forecast snow totals have increased with the latest forecast guidance, lets break down each region.
  • Road conditions are posted near the bottom of this page

  • Expected snow totals for areas East of the Black Hills have increased
  • Blizzard warnings have also been extended for Northern Meade county and Ziebach county, including the Faith Community
  • Travel will be close to impossible once winds pick up combined with the heavy snowfall this morning. Keep tabs on the radar and South Dakota Department of Transportation closures and no travel advisories


  • I started with a conservative estimate of 6-10″ of snow for Rapid City, but i feel more comfortable posting higher numbers at this junction of 10-18″
  • Although we aren’t in a Blizzard Warning as of right now, that could still change. Blowing snow and close to zero visibility will be possible at times. Hunker down folks!


  • The snow forecast for the central and northern hills have not changed all that much.
  • Some areas could theoretically surpass 18″ of snow, be careful of blowing and drifting snow even though you aren’t in the Great Plains!


  • The warning criteria and forecast has changed very little for the Southern Hills and Fall River County.
  • A general 6-12″ of snow look likely, with Eastern portions of the area receiving more, and Western Portions receiving less


  • Weston County, WY has been downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory, as the dry pocket looks likely to save locations like Newcastle, WY from the major snowfall.
  • Areas of Campbell County and Crook County still look to receive 6-9″ of snow and gusty winds. Careful of low to zero visibility at times

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  • The Northern portion of our area has been upgraded in both snow totals and warning criteria.
  • Harding and Perkins county are now expecting 6-12″ of snow, with 35 mph winds.
  • I still expect a very distinct cutoff to take place near the North Dakota border
  • Butte County is expecting a little ore snow, and higher wind gusts. Travel is very much discouraged, given the exposed nature of the plains

  • Here’s the expected Radar coverage over the next 48 hours
  • Notice we do expect snow to linger a little longer than first expected, but things look to improve by Thursday afternoon going into Friday morning, even if snow showers do linger

  • Here’s our updated snow map. This could still change throughout the day but this is our latest thoughts on total snowfall amounts

“As you all know, this is always a developing forecast. I’ll do my best to update this throughout the day. PLEASE listen to local and state officials, there’s no reason to endanger your own life, or the lives of first responders trying to reach you by making uninformed decisions. Be VERY careful shoveling snow and take frequent breaks, this is a heavy, heavy wet snow and could be dangerous for your health if you don’t take it slow. Get out the monopoly board folks, this is the real deal!”
-Meteorologist Brant Beckman


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