Upcoming inauguration brings safety concerns to the Capitol

PIERRE, S.D. — With violence following the election and continued warnings of armed protests, law enforcement is preparing to keep their states and cities safe. What about in South Dakota?

Ahead of the inauguration next Wednesday, FBI has warned of uprisings at all state capitols. Lawmakers in Pierre say there has not been much conversation about the possibility of a protest. They say they have high confidence in the ability of state officers to stop any adverse action, and don’t expect any issues next week.

“I know that we are all very well protected by our state police and our highway patrol, and we have a lot of confidence in their ability to handle that situation if it would arise,” said Senator and Assistant Majority Leader Michael Diedrich. “We don’t anticipate it as individual members, but we’re not privy to all the information that’s out their either. But we do know that we’re in extremely good hands, well trained hands, competent hands to protect the Capitol and the people that are coming and going.”

“You can rest assured they’re working on it diligently,” said District 11 Representative Mark Willadsen. “I’m comfortable that they’re doing everything possible to keep us safe and to keep South Dakotan’s safe in these trying times. I’m not looking for any problems here at the Capitol.”

Policy dictates that Highway Patrol does not talk about security issues, but say they’re cognizant of the threat and possibility of violence.

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