Universal message of kindness and religious freedom at Mt. Rushmore

MT. RUSHMORE – A 6-foot menorah will light up Mt. Rushmore, as part of world’s largest Chanuka observance; on the eighth night of Chanuka, Sunday, December 9th at 3:00 PM. Mt. Rushmore is participating as one of thousands of large public menorahs throughout the nation, in an effort to help all walks of life discover and enjoy the holiday message.

Former State Senator Stan Adelstein will be honored with kindling the menorah.

The menorah lighting has been organized by Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz, Co-director of Chabad Jewish Center of South Dakota, who says; “Our founding fathers and presidents established this great country giving everybody the freedom of religion. There’s no better place to express that in front of the memorial.”

Hanukkah is also called the “Festival of Lights” and teaches lessons of brightening the lives of people around us, with goodness and kindness, to never diminish our own brightness. According to the rabbi, the holiday makes our own lives shine brighter and creates greater meaning.

The festival marks the freedom of expression, commemorating the Jewish victory against religious persecution- “Light over Might.” The entire community has been invited to attend.

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