United Way of the Black Hills fell short of their 2022 campaign goal: Here’s what that means for the community

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The 2022 fundraising campaign for United Way of the Black Hills just wrapped up, but it didn’t go quite as they had hoped it would. The campaign had a goal of $2,127,000, and they were only able to collect $1,836,725. That’s still 86% of their goal, but falling short by almost $300,000 will still have impacts that are felt throughout the community.

What happened?

Throughout 2022, inflation was a battle that many people and businesses were facing. Outside economic pressures meant that individuals didn’t have as much expendable money to donate as they had in the past. United Way also was counting on a few big businesses that would regularly donate a lot, but last year, they didn’t have as much to give.

United Way appreciates the generous donors that still donated last year, but not meeting their goal will have an impact on the many programs that rely on the grants that are offered by United Way.

What does it mean for the community?

United Way of the Black Hills helps support many programs around the area that focuses on improving health, education, and financial stability. Without the grant money from United Way, many of those programs wouldn’t be able to function the way they normally would.

They are still getting some grant money though. So, the programs that rely on United Way will only have to cut back on some of their expenses or find outside help from donations.

How can you help?

Just because the 2022 campaign is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t donate.

“People can still give, and that will still go to those agencies in another grant round,” said Kathy Cruse, the interim Executive Director for United Way of the Black Hills.

Donating now would just mean that your donation would go towards the 2023 round of grants.

United Way wants to make it as easy as possible to donate, so they accept a wide variety of donation methods. You can donate through their website, stop by their office at 621 6th Street, Rapid City, and donate with cash, card or a check.

You can also mail them a check or cash to their office. They’ll even take your card information over the phone if that is easiest for you, just give them a call at (605) 343-5872.

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