United Way continues its Month of Caring by helping at the Fairgrounds

RAPID CITY, S.D. — United Way of the Black Hills is kicking off its giving season to benefit those in the community that need the support.

While United Way’s Month of Caring is wrapping up this month, members were at the Central States Fairgrounds Friday cleaning tables used for events by the fairgrounds.

The giving is coming to benefit the community, but it’s also a time to bring community awareness of giving back and doing it with local businesses in a welcoming environment.

“It’s just a great bonding experience for your organization with your team, and you know there’s a lot of teamwork that goes into all of this here with moving all of the tables and just wiping it down and creating the system so you know that really bonds you together, so there’s some benefits there I feel like for our businesses as well,” said United Way of the Black Hills Board of Directors Vice President Lauren Ebert.

Ebert also says that while the organization sets aside the Month of Caring to help the community, it doesn’t stop there.

There are other issues that United Way is focusing its efforts on with area non-profits and the help of the community to solve, including access to mental health professionals and preparing our future generation.

“We are just so invested in ensuring that our children have a strong future and I think on a business perspective, if we’re not investing back into our children, that’s our future workforce,” said Ebert. “So it’s very important for all of us to get behind these causes, and then also figure out solutions.”

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