Unique Auto Grooming provides work opportunities for people with disabilities

What is Unique Auto Grooming?

Unique Auto Grooming in Rapid City is a business that was purchased by Black Hills Works two years ago, and the intent of it is to employ people with disabilities.

Currently, they have eight people that are supported by Black Hills Works helping out along with five non-disabled staff members that are helping support those folks to assure that the work is getting done correctly and being successful in their employment.

Unique Auto 7What do they work on?

McKie Auto, one of Unique Auto Grooming’s customers, will bring in vehicles to detail when they get traded in. They also do work for Chadron Motors, Black Hills Outdoors and a couple other local car dealerships in town.

Dealerships aren’t the only ones, though. They do a lot of personal vehicles as well.

On average, they’re working on about seven to 10 vehicles a day, and about 85 vehicles a month.

What’s the number one goal of Unique Auto Grooming?

The number one goal is to provide employment opportunities for the people at disabilities so they have a job, an opportunity to contribute and earn money.

For more information on Unique Auto Grooming, visit their website here or their Facebook.

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