“Un-adoptable” stray dog trains to become K9 Police Officer

ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. —  A former shelter dog who was once an un-adoptable stray is now training to become a K9 officer in North Carolina.

“Seeing her change from being so scared and so afraid of everything in life to now becoming, you know, coming out of her shell…trusting us,” said Kandi Burkhard, Camp Mutt owner.

When Krypto first came to Camp Mutt in Jacksonville, owners Kandi Burkhardt and Josh Forester say it was a hard sight to see.

“In the beginning, we couldn’t even get, we had to pick her up to carry her to move her from place to place,” Forester said.

She had behavioral issues. They say that made her practically un-adoptable.

The Onslow Animal Shelter brought her to the training center for rehab.

“She was so scared that we could barely get her out of the kennel. She was just in the corner shaking,” Forester said.

But now after months of basic obedience – she’s training to become a certified K9 officer with the North Topsail Beach Police Department.

Officer Anthony Sampogna is her partner and best friend.

“Every day we come to work and we’re hungry, we’re motivated, like, when I started getting ready for work, she’s in it. She’s super excited, which is nice. It’s nice to have in a dog,” Officer Sampogna said.

She’s training on finding objects with human scent and detecting drugs with the North Topsail Beach Police Department, and hoping to complete her training by the end of the summer.

“To see her come this far, it’s amazing…it really is amazing,” Officer Sampogna said.

It will make a full recovery for Krypto – from her days as a dog who could barely make it out of her cage – to an officer, with a new leash on life.

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