Two hunters were found in Pennington County, Monday night, thanks to their own precautions

PENNINGTON CO., S.D. — Two deer hunters that became lost walking through the Black Hills, Monday, were found quickly by authorities due to their preparedness and safety measures.

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the pair at around 4:30 p.m.

The individuals became lost on the South Dakota- Wyoming border when they turned onto an ATV trail and could not turn their truck around.

They had a charged phone, as well as warm clothes. Each had food, water and flashlights. One had a Global Positioning System (GPS) available to help navigate while they travelled north along South Castle Creek Road.

They called 911 every 15 minutes to share their location and condition with personnel.

Deputies were able to find the hunters an hour later.

“Them having a GPS unit, if they wouldn’t have had a cell phone, would have at least given them some guidance on how to at least get to something, roadway or somewhere, where they could summon help,” said Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Captain Tony Harrison. “Then, of course, if you take away those two, then at least they had some food, some water and clothing that might let them sustain life while they’re out there.”


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