Tunnel inspections planned for the Custer area

CUSTER, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) will be conducting bi-annual tunnel inspections the week of Monday, Oct. 3 in the Black Hills area. People driving in the area should be prepared for traffic delays and possible closures of the Needles Highway and Highway 16A at Iron Mountain Road.

The schedule of tunnel inspections by SDDOT is as follows:

  • Monday, Oct. 3, 2022 – Inspection of the Hood Tunnel on Needles Highway and the Scovel Johnson Tunnel on Iron Mountain Road will take place. Traffic will be guided through both routes with the use of flaggers.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022 – Inspections of the Iron Creek Tunnel and the Needles Eye Tunnel on Needles Highway will take place. Needles Highway will be closed while inspections are conducted for the majority of the day.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022 – Inspections of the C.C. Gideon Tunnel and the Doane Robinson Tunnel on Iron Mountain Road will take place. Iron Mountain Road will be closed during the inspections for the majority of the day.
  • Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022 – Inspection of the Miner’s Gateway Tunnel in Keystone will take place. Traffic on Highway 16A will be diverted and motorists can expect no delay.
  • Friday, Oct. 7, 2022 – Inspections that may have been delayed due to weather or other circumstances will take place.


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