Tuesday Forecast: Wind, scattered rain and snow return this evening and Wednesday

Another system is expected to move through over the next 48 hours, bringing windy, rainy and snowy conditions to areas of the Black Hills Region

  • I wanted to post this satellite image of the Black Hills from Monday morning after Sunday’s storm – you can see the distinct snow-lines across the foothills and through the Bear Lodge Mountains – A beautiful image in my opinion.
  • If you look carefully, you can see Rapid City on the right side of the Black Hills, right on the snow line. Hot Springs is to the South, and has zero snowfall!

  • To start, today will be a nice fall day with temperatures in the 40s and 50s – breezy conditions may warrant a light jacket this afternoon
  • Clouds will be on the increase as we approach Tuesday evening, another system will move through the region bringing unsettled weather through Wednesday

  • Besides the increase in clouds, the winds will be the first sign of trouble, as 40 mph wind gusts move through late tonight from the West and Northwest
  • Not seeing the major winds like we saw on Sunday, but it’ll be enough to move things around on your back porch

  • By 9-11 pm, rain will begin moving in, with snow in the higher elevations much like Sunday.
  • A rumble of thunder isn’t out of the question as this system first moves in, so don’t be surprised if you see a flash out there!

  • Wednesday will be a blustery, on and off rain kind of day with windy conditions
  • A rain/snow mix will be possible in the foothills and even the plains, but most snow will stick to the Black Hills and Northeastern Wyoming

  • Wednesday will be a race between cold air and dry air, because as precipitation begins to change over to snow things will also begin drying out at the same time Wednesday evening
  • That being said, much of our precipitation will transition into snow across the region Wednesday night, with a few areas getting slick roads – take it easy out there

  • Tentatively, I’ll keep lighter accumulations across the area but I think the Northern hills once again could get some larger accumulations in the 6″+ range in local spots… generally though 2′-4″ across the Central and Northern Hills seems a reasonable estimate.
  • This means that snow covered roads and icy conditions are possible, so giving yourself extra time will be key particularly Wednesday and Wednesday evening.

  • By Thursday we’re looking at not only drier conditions, but less windy. Temperatures will start to creep back into the 40s
  • Friday could see mid 60s, with plenty of sunshine and calm winds – an excellent day to get any outdoor activities out of the way before this weekend


I’m watching an interesting system line up for Sunday through Tuesday of next week. Looks like it could be multiple system – Alberta Clippers as they will be coming in from the northwest. Traditionally, systems that come from the Northwest bring cold, wind, and light powdery accumulations. So far, confidence is high that we’ll at the very least see colder weather, with teens being possible by Monday and Tuesday. If you have travel plans – no need to cancel them, this is just something we’re watching for now, as we do will all systems more than 3 days out. By Thursday we’ll know a lot more, and details will start coming together. I may start rolling out accumulation and wind maps by Thursday, but more than likely I’ll wait until Friday to give time for models to catch up. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday, I’ll be sure to update the forecast with any new information regarding this evening and Wednesday. Be safe out there! – Brant

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