Tuesday Forecast: Storms return to the hills tonight into Wednesday

Thunderstorms return to the Black Hills tonight going into Wednesday, with some of them potentially being on the strong to marginally severe side.

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  • We have a few storms that are rumbling their way along the ND/SD border this morning, but most of those should push East by late morning and lunchtime
  • Temperatures will be cooler today, with a Northerly breeze keeping things interesting for the morning and afternoon.

Here is a quick look at radar this morning across the area.

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  • We have a Marginal (1/5) risk for strong storms tonight going into Wednesday.
  • Isolated pockets of gusty winds and quarter sized hail will be possible.
  • Since these will mostly be in the overnight hours, putting your car in a garage or making sure you have sturdy shelter if your camping should be the only preparations needed.

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  • Things will be dry across most of the area through the late morning and early afternoon.
  • By late afternoon, a few storms will be seen marching over the Bighorns in Wyoming.

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  • We could see a few pop-ups in the Black Hills around the 2-4 PM hour, but these will be isolated at best.

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  • By 4-7 PM, storms will begin picking up speed in Northeastern Wyoming and pushing Eastward. Some of these could be on the stronger side.

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  • The Black Hills could see several waves of thunderstorms in the overnight hours, with models showing storms moving through late tonight into early Wednesday morning in patches.

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  • By Wednesday morning, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be crossing areas East of the Black Hills, while northeastern Wyoming looks to catch a break.

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  • Wednesday we have a Slight (2/5) risk for strong to possibly severe storms across areas of West River.

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  • Hopefully this gives you an idea of what a Slight risk translates to for those looking to make preparations. More than anything, just something to keep an eye on Wednesday afternoon if you live East of the Black Hills.

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  • By 2-4 PM Wednesday this line of thunderstorms are expected to fire off somewhere around the Black Hills or perhaps just East of the Hills.
  • These could be on the stronger side, with isolated hail and gusty winds.

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  • By Wednesday night, storms are expected to push East out of the area, with another possible round of thunderstorms hanging around the Bighorns and Sheridan/Johnson County.

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  • Overall, a big mess of different timelines. The good news is although we could expected a few strong storms over the next week, most of these incidences should be isolated and spotty.
  • Thursday and Friday are expected to be drier, with isolated summertime pop-up storms in the Black Hills being all that we’re really talking about so far… but could change a bit.
  • Saturday we could see more of a widespread chance of stronger storms… but we’re still looking for a few more model runs before nailing down that forecast.
  • Be safe out there! – Brant

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