Tuesday Forecast Discussion: Road conditions & additional accumulations

Snow will continue through the morning, with additional accumulations expected through the lunch hour before tapering off this afternoon




  • Snow is expected to continue this morning in the Northern and Eastern foothills, with Northerly winds gusting around 30-35 MPH
  • Things will dry out as we approach the lunch hour, with stubborn snow bands hanging on in upslope areas towards early afternoon.
  • For a current look at closures and delays, you can click HERE or go to NC1.tv/closing


Here’s what the current radar shows across our region.

  • Several roads and highways are closed this morning, I-90 remains open through the 4:30 AM hour.
  • Crews are out and working on road conditions this morning – make sure to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination this morning.

Here’s a look at road conditions across the area

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Rapid City - North

Rapid City - South

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Spearfish - East

Spearfish - West

Deadwood - East

Deadwood - West

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Hot Springs - Maverick Junction North

Hot Springs - Maverick Junction South

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South Dakota Road Conditions

National Road Conditions

  • Winter storm warnings and advisories will continue through the 11 AM hour, with the Northern Hills expected to have advisories through 2 PM this afternoon

  • Here are expected additional accumulations through the region Tuesday morning.
  • Some of these numbers could decrease if dry air rides to the rescue a little earlier in the morning – but upslope enhancement is expected to delay this process.

  • Coverage is expected to continue through the 7 AM hour, with the I-90 corridor expected to see most of the continued action
  • Areas of Jackson, Bennett, and Oglala Lakota County could also see stubborn snow bands this morning.

  • By 9 AM things are beginning to thin out, save for the upslope areas towards the Northern Hills and the I-90 corridor.
  • The sun angle will help things get slushy, and should help improve road conditions even if snowfall does continue.

  • Real, tangible improvements look likely by noon, with dry air really starting to take over.
  • Once again, Northern Hills may not be out of the woods quite yet. Advisories are expected to continue through the 2 PM hour.

  • things clear out by this evening, with a few snow showers and flurries possible int he Eastern portions of our area.
  • These are not expected to increase accumulations – but roads are expected to ice up and make things slick, so use caution.
  • Temperatures could drop to the dingle digits Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

  • Temperatures will recover back into the 20s and 30s for Wednesday, but clouds will be on the increase in the afternoon as a smaller system is expected Wednesday night into Thursday.

  • Here are some expected accumulations Wednesday night through Thursday morning.
  • These might change a little bit, but this is not expected to have the same impacts as our latest thumper.
  • Still, something to keep an eye on for future reference.


Things might be a little rough this morning trying to get around, even if snow starts to taper off. Blowing and drifting snow has made plowing difficult, and some areas are slogged down with several inches of snow covering the roads. Give yourself plenty of time, and don’t underestimate how slick things are even if the roads are cleared. Temperatures will drop into this evening and the roads will re-freeze. Send in your pictures and snow accumulations! we’ll send them to the national weather service to document and record snow totals across the region.

Yes, we are expecting another system Wednesday night into Thursday. No, it will NOT be like the one we’re dealing with now. Northern Hills could get another good 4″-7″ of snow, and we’ll adjust those totals over the next 24 hours as need-be.

We will update road conditions and closures throughout the morning, and once again we appreciate you trusting us with your forecast and continued update. We’re going to do our best to make good on that trust.

Oh, and because I’ve treated you all so terribly with the forecast, I’ve thrown in 50’s and sunshine for this weekend. Fair enough? 😉 Stay safe out there! – Brant

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