Trump vetoes $740 billion defense bill, breaks with Republican-led Senate

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, President Donald Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act, a $740 billion dollar defense bill passed earlier in December by both the House and the Senate. Because the Act passed with veto-proof margins, Congress must now vote again to override Trumps veto.

The annual defense bill, which has been signed into law consecutively for six decades, typically passes with strong bipartisan support. At minimum, the passage of the bill funds pay raises for soldiers and defense modernization programs.

Trump had threatened earlier in December to veto the bill if legislators did not include a measure to eliminate Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This act protects social media and other large tech forums from being held liable for content posted on their platforms. He previously said the measure posed a serious threat to U.S. national security and election integrity, but did not give any further details. Trump has also asserted that the bill favors China.

This years NDAA – in its current form – does not include any measure related to Section 230.

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