Trump announces additions to National Garden of American Heroes statues

WASHINGTON — During his July 3rd visit to Mount Rushmore, Donald Trump announced a plan to build the National Garden of American Heroes, a monument designed to honor our nations heroes with statues.

An update to that Executive Order was signed on Monday, expanding the list of those who will be honored. Among those names are Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Walt Disney, Jimmy Doolittle, Ernest Hemingway, Bob Hope, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr., Douglas MacArthur, Rosa Parks, Elvis Presley, Betsy Ross, Sacagawea, Kateri Tekakwitha, Sam Walton, George Washington, John Wayne, and the Wright Brothers.

“The National Garden is America’s answer to this reckless attempt to erase our heroes, values, and entire way of life…America is responding to the tragic toppling of monuments to our founding generation and the giants of our past by commencing a new national project for their restoration, veneration, and celebration,” Trump wrote in the order.

A location for the Garden has not been decided yet. Funding for establishment and maintenance of the area will come from the Department of the Interior.

To read the full text of Order 13934 or to see the list of names for which statues will be built, visit the White House website here.

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