Truckers protesting in Canada end last US border blockade

Canadian Trucker Protest

PHOTO: A convoy of truckers and other protesters for the opposition of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Canada, Photo Date: 01/27/2022
Credit: Global News / YouTube

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — The last of the truck blockades at the U.S.-Canadian border is moving out.

A federal official says the final blockaders are leaving Emerson, Manitoba now and the Canadian Border Services hope to reopen the crossing into North Dakota Wednesday afternoon. Now all of the attention in the protests over the country’s COVID-19 restrictions has shifted to Canada’s capital where hundreds of trucks remain parked in the center city.

Authorities in Ottawa began warning protesters in the capital on Wednesday that it was time to leave. Police are warning the protesters outside the Canadian Parliament that they are risking arrest if they stay .

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