Trendy social media “threats” causing real problems

School and local law enforcement officials warn of series repercussions surrounding recent social media trends in our youth.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Area Schools were forced to close their facilities Friday, after the threat of a viral TikTok that’s caused fear in schools around the U.S.

Rcas Friday Close 9On what was supposed to be the end to a long week and beginning of a long winter break for some schools in the area, now turned into empty high school parking lots, hollowed middle school halls and children’s playgrounds at schools, all desolate.

The post specifically called out “North Middle School” and the recent rise in school shootings around the country and threats in the area are creating problems for law enforcement and the community.

“I think it’s safe to say, that social media is a problem,” said Captain James Johns of the Rapid City Police Department.

Local law enforcement officials like Captain Johns are seeing the posts cause panic and contribute to an increase in patrols around schools to ensure the safety of our children. Not to mention taking away resources for violent crimes.

“We have homicides that take precedence over a stolen lawnmower, and unfortunately we have to prioritize those cases all the time,” Captain Johns said. “This falls into that, this has a level of priority to it, and everything else gets pushed aside, so that this can be dealt with.”

But a bigger point seems to be the consequences for those who make these posts. Captain Johns says that depending on the degree of the crime, violators could find themselves in prison and away from their families for a while.

RCAS officials are saying that parents should be monitoring their children’s use of social media and to talk to their kids to report it and that the crime can have heavy ramifications.

“If they are involved in making a post like this that they actually are doing something very serious in nature and can not only be disciplined in school but could have to deal with law enforcement,” said Dr. Lori Simon, the Superintendent for RCAS.

Police officials finished it off with a message for those make the threats.

“You’re going to get found out and you’re going to be held accountable,” said Captain Johns. “There’s a consequence for the fact that something like this happens, and if you’re out there making terroristic threats, you’re going to be held accountable for that.”

Officials remind everyone that what you do and say on the internet lasts forever.

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