Traveling to the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo? Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming weather

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo is one of the biggest in the region. People from hundreds of miles away make the trek to Rapid City. If that’s you, you should be aware of the upcoming active weather that we’ll be experiencing.

Posted below is a full breakdown of the next few days, starting with Friday and going through Monday afternoon.

Road conditions

Wherever you’re traveling from, it’s a good idea to know what the roads will be like. Here are the DOT sites for each of the states in the region:

If you are traveling from a little bit farther, you can find more of the DOT sites on Safe Travel USA.


A decent system will be moving through the area starting on Friday. At midnight, much of the region will be experiencing some form of precipitation.

There will be blizzard conditions present in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings are in place for large sections of the northern plains, so make sure you’re paying attention to the conditions you are traveling through.

Friday 12am

  • The middle portion of the northern plains will have a brief break in the middle portion of the day Friday. Snow and rain will be working their way out of Minnesota and Iowa while snow will be moving in from the west, coming from Montana and Wyoming.

Friday 6am

  • By midday, most of Montana will be experiencing snow. In Wyoming, the snow will arrive a little later Friday.

Friday Noon

  • By Friday evening, the snow will have fully engulfed Montana and Wyoming and begin to creep into South Dakota overnight.

Friday 6pm

  • Along with a decent amount of snow, this system will also bring strong winds to the area. At midnight on Friday, 40 – 50+ mph gusts will be present across much of South Dakota, North Dakota, and southeastern Wyoming.

Wind Friday 12am

  • The strongest winds will move east from the front range, into the northern plains and Minnesota/Iowa.

Wind Friday 6am

  • Strong wind gusts will arrive in Minnesota by midday Friday.

Wind Friday Noon

  • High winds will persist in southeastern Wyoming during most of the day on Friday.

Wind Friday 6pm

  • Friday and the next couple of days won’t be the best travel days. Take your time and pay attention to changing conditions as you travel – if you decide to travel you should have a winter kit with you.
  • Temperatures on Friday will top out in the 30’s and lower 40’s. With the arrival of snow, temperatures will drop into the teens and possibly single digits.


  • As Friday turns to Saturday, snow will envelop the Black Hills and the surrounding areas. High winds will not be as much of a concern, but any breezy conditions that do develop could lead to patchy blowing/drifting snow. Snow bands aren’t expected to be particularly intense, but the duration of snow will likely result in several inches of accumulation over a 36-hour period.

Saturday 12am

  • This snow event will mostly be limited to a narrow band along and south of I-90.

Saturday 6am

  • Snow won’t last for too long in North Dakota and eastern South Dakota, but it will linger for a while in Montana, Wyoming, and western South Dakota.

Saturday Noon

  • By Saturday evening, the snow will have completely moved out of eastern South Dakota.

Saturday 6pm

  • Throughout the day on Saturday, winds will be mostly out of the east, resulting in some decent accumulation in Rapid City due to upslope winds.

Wind Saturday 12am

  • Wind gusts on Saturday won’t be as strong as on Friday, but when combined with snow, it could result in some hazardous travel conditions because of decreased visibility.

Wind Saturday 6am

  • Higher winds gusts will likely move through portions of Nebraska, where blowing snow will be a concern going into the midday hours.

Wind Saturday Noon

  • Easterly and northeasterly winds will likely continue to push into western Iowa and southwestern Minnesota through Saturday into the evening hours.

Wind Saturday 6pm

  • The front that moves through on Saturday will bring snow and wind, but it will also drop the temperature considerably. The region has been treated to a fairly mild January, but that will change on Saturday. The highs in the area will be in the teens and the 20s. Overnight lows will likely be below zero in many areas. For a few places, mainly in higher elevations, double-digit negatives are possible.


  • For Sunday, snow will linger in many areas west of the Missouri River.

Sunday 12am

  • Additional accumulations on Sunday won’t be too much, but a few more inches are possible in the Black Hills and Wyoming.

Sunday 6am

  • Around midday, snow will creep back east over the Missouri River, but it won’t last too long.

Sunday Noon

  • The majority of the snow will begin to dissipate Sunday evening. The worst of the snowfall will be over by this point, but travel impacts will remain for a little while longer as crews will be out removing snow from the roadways.

Sunday 6pm

  • Along with the snow dissipating throughout the day, so will the wind.

Wind Sunday 12am

  • Throughout South Dakota, the wind will be relatively calm. Moderate wind gusts will remain in North Dakota and portions of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Wind Sunday 6am

  • The strongest winds will pick up around noon on Sunday.

Wind Sunday Noon

  • The strong wind won’t last long before dying down Sunday evening.

Wind Sunday 6pm

  • Even though most of the wind and snow will be dissipating throughout the day on Sunday, travel impacts will remain.


  • During the morning on Monday, the snow will continue to move to the south/southeast.

Monday 12am

  • Snow will be mostly out of South Dakota by 6:00 am or so.

Monday 6am

  • Snow will linger in southern Wyoming and western Colorado throughout the rest of the day.

Monday Noon

  • Other than some 15 – 20 mph gusts in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, the wind will be mostly calm throughout the day on Monday.

Wind Monday 12am

  • These winds will persist out of the west and north, changing directions slightly during the day.

Wind Monday 6am

  • Wind in North Dakota and western Minnesota will have a slight southerly component by midday. Though, they will still be light, compared to what it was like during the weekend.

Wind Monday Noon

Monday will be the easiest travel day of the first few days of the stock show, but impacts from the weekend could still be in play throughout the day.

Monday will be the coldest day yet, with highs in the single digits and a few places struggling to get above zero. Overnight lows will be fairly similar to Saturday night: below zero and double-digit negatives for a few places, mainly in the Black Hills.

To make sure you’re up to date on all of the most current weather information during the stock show and beyond, download the NewsCenter1 weather app for iOS and Android.

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