Travelers at RC Regional Airport look to return home for holidays safely during pandemic

Passengers who fly out of the Rapid City Regional Airport say that they hope to return home safely for the holidays by following safety protocols in airports.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — This has been a different year to say the least.

You might think that airport passengers have had to change their travel plans or how they travel during the holidays with the pandemic, but visitors of the Rapid City Regional Airport say that their preparation for their vacation and return home from South Dakota wasn’t as different as you’d think.

“Didn’t pack any differently,” said Hunt Barksdale, a hunter visiting South Dakota from Mississippi. “Just packed as if we were normally traveling. I mean, except for the masks, that was probably the only extra thing that we brought and maybe a little extra hand sanitizer.”

The airport has been requiring masks to be worn in the facility for some time, but this also wasn’t something that effected passengers in their travels.

Even with the airport’s safety precautions, specifically the requirement of face masks in the facility, travelers had no issues with the precautions as they returned home to family to celebrate the holiday.

“I’m used to traveling, so it was pretty smooth,” said Shawn O’Brien, who was working in Rapid City before returning home to Pennsylvania. “Make sure you wear the mask, try to be safe, try to follow the protocols and then hopefully make it home on the two flights and be home by tomorrow, Thanksgiving.”

For travelers returning home from South Dakota, the only difference, grab the mask.

“Really there wasn’t any difference other than bringing our PPE and so forth, but it was actually an easier plan than most trips because of the low season,” said William Woodland, who was visiting South Dakota with his family and was returning to his home in Florida.

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